Walking and Hawking

November 6, 2016

Join Snagsy, Baz, Stew, Paul and Simmy as we discuss the best performance of the season and Baz is up in court...TWICE! 


Chicken Currie Pinocchio Backwater

October 13, 2016

Join Snagsy, a very drunk Paul at Seas, Baz Bowski, Simmy and special guest Jamie Currie as we discuss the Partick game, Chicken Curry, the gay network and a superman punch...


The Barometer of Comedy

October 1, 2016

Join Snags, Paul, Simmy and Scott McCulloch as we discuss the horrible mistakes at Pit-Audrey, Club 1872 and saving Albertz from certain death.


WWTC Pod - Club 1872 Candidate - Scott McCulloch

September 29, 2016

A snip from the latest pod in which we find out Scotts creds and Paul at Seas now knows where he lives.... it'll be a short life but we wish him well and please vote for him.


There is an Old Firm, Big Firm

September 9, 2016

Join Snagsy, Stew, Paul, Driggs and special guest Jonathan McGookin as we discuss the old firm build up, sucking off a chef and lego. Mon nen!


Stalins 11

August 25, 2016

Join Snagsy, Baz, McGinty heed, Paul at seas and Driggs in the back of his truck on a killing spree. We discuss the games, some intriguing equations and everything is nice SUCKA


Accidental Balls

August 13, 2016

Join Snagsy, Tattoo Stew, Simmy, Paul and Mike Driggs as we discuss that time when Snags flashed his balls on the public domain.... oh and some football related stuff. 


Cut-off fake jeans

July 29, 2016

Join Snagsy, Simmy, Tattoo Stew, Paul at Seas and David Foster from WATP Magazine as we discuss Baz's fake denim, Stew watching lads bumming and Paul IS a stalker


TCP - The Confident Pisser

June 30, 2016

Join Snagsy, Baz, Simmy, PAS and Tattoo Stew as we discuss the transfers, some Euro Trash and more importantly, how to pee next to the guy who can pee no matter the situation!


Making Human Kebabs

June 16, 2016

With Chef Helena, featuring: Snagsy, Simmy, Tattoo Stew and Mike.... throw a virtual coin!