Voting for Dogs

February 25, 2017

Join Snags, SImmy, Stew, Driggs and Paul at seas for another mini pod, discussing the issues we are all to familiar with... when will it end? 


MINI POD - I like to get hard

February 19, 2017

Join Snagsy, Mike and Paul at Seas as we discuss the importance of a Director of Football role, The vacant manager position and the game today...a wee mini adventure.


Magic Lies

February 11, 2017

Join Snagsy, Baz, Simmy, Stew, Mike and Paul as we discuss some terrible results, Trump owning Rangers and who can't handle their Jagers....


Opinion piece - Warburton is toast

February 11, 2017

Join Snagsy and Simmy as we discuss the resignation of Warburton and his team plus the bizarre unfolding of events


Red Bull Lip Service

January 28, 2017

Join Snagsy, Wee Ben, Tattoo Stew and Paul at Seas as we discuss the Motherwell game, the very odd cup draw and a few other regular gems.


New Years Cheers Sweirz

December 30, 2016

Join the team as we try and do the pod whilst watching the St Johnstone works a wee bit! last pod of 2016, see you on the other side.



Christmas Garner

December 17, 2016

Join Snagsy, Stew, the guy at seas, Simmy, Mike from his coffin and special guest Kelly Johnstone as we discuss, how long you'd last and your favourite gaffer who you'd like as a manager at yer work! Merry Christmas ya bassss x


Proximity of a castle

December 2, 2016

Join Snagsy, Baz, Simmy, Paul, Mike and Tattoo Stew as we discuss a plethora of subject matter which includes dicks for fingers.... it's a riot...honest!


I Am Five Eleven

November 17, 2016

Join Snagsy, Mike Driggs and special guest Ben Munro as we discuss the Ross County game in detailed depth.

This pod is different to the norm due to the rest of the team being out but it's lovely all the same

Head on over to Rangers Fans Channel to see Ben "wee napper" Munro deliver match reviews and the latest Rangers News - Hit Subscribe for her pleasure


Walking and Hawking

November 6, 2016

Join Snagsy, Baz, Stew, Paul and Simmy as we discuss the best performance of the season and Baz is up in court...TWICE!